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Friday, July 4, 2014

New York Times runs Anti-Catholic Advert

The desire for profit goads greedy men to permit hate speech.

You know a newspaper is hurting financially when they indulge the bile of bigotry and thus lower themselves to the level of a tabloid rag in order to make a buck. Of course, the New Yuck Times will claim 'Who are we to judge?' or 'Who are we to say what is acceptable and unacceptable speech?'. They are right, up to a point. Media organizations shouldn't be quick to act as censors, but they do and often they do so for all the wrong reasons. A sense of decency is sorely missing when a newspaper hosts a full-page of hate speech. The concept of responsible speech is absent in the thinking of the tolerance junkies. More often that not, the media inverts the moral equation and, in place of fairness, intolerance is brokered by the powerful to wage war on religious communities or any individual or group that challenges the politically correct status quo.

Give the ad a read and do recall that their icon, Margaret Sanger, was a racist eugenicist who advocated the sterilization of people against their will and population reduction of african-americans by abortion. Not only was she the darling of the KKK, having spoken about her policies at rallies where her speeches were met with enthusiastic approval, she founded that corporate behemoth responsible for enacting her barbaric ideas, i.e., Planned Parenthood.

If the NYT values the support of anti-Constitution atheists more than its dedicated Catholic constituency by giving bigots a platform for their hate mongering masquerading as tolerance, then perhaps it's time to remind the NYT and others that the internet is a much better place to locate the news.

If you are a New York Times subscriber, cancel your subscription. While you're at it, file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the Freedom From Reason, er... Religion Foundation for producing an advertisement that contains hate speech which, obviously, violates advertising standards. Imagine, for a moment, if the FFRF ad had used 'Irish' or 'Hispanic' in the text instead of 'Roman Catholic'. Or how about 'LGBTQ' instead of Roman Catholic? You can bet the outrage would be sufficient to bring the NTY to its knees.


It's moments like these that non-Catholics need to know why groups such as the Catholic League (USA) and the Catholic Civil Rights League (Canada) exist.

As for the "arguments" put forth in the advert, they are no arguments at all. The FFRF makes no attempt to say how the beliefs of the Supreme Court Justices impeded their ability to render a verdict. The FFRF has simply labelled an entire community as less deserving of the same inalienable rights that all people should enjoy, rights promoted by the christian founders of a nation and enjoyed (but not to be abused) by atheists, too.

The FFRF ad is simply a cheap fundraising device. Hopefully, people of goodwill will see past the FFRF's sideshow tactics and redirect their financial resources to the Catholic League or a Catholic charity.

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