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Thursday, June 26, 2014

You might just be a Nanaimo city councillor if... .

Are the Nanaimo city councillors (aldermen) guilty of intolerance?
Are Nanaimo city councillors guilty of an abuse of power?
Do Nanaimo city councillors persecute christians?

The following video is Ezra Levant's response to the above questions.

All fascists have two things in common:
  1. They hate anyone or anything which demonstrates how wrong they are. Thus, they will stop at nothing to eliminate anyone or anything that proves 1) they are wrong about their assumptions and 2) that their behaviour is bad.
  2. They don't see their own fascistic behaviour as problematic.
Other names for a fascist:
(a) freedom of conscience and religion;
(b) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
(d) freedom of association.
Dear self-proclaimed protectors of tolerance and diversity, might you be a fascist if... ?
  1. you harass others and attempt to shut down rational debate by shouting down or simply excluding other voices and opinions in a public forum?
  2. in the name of tolerance and diversity, you promote an agenda that impinges on  inalienable rights of conscience, freedom of speech and religious expression?
  3. you use the power of your position to threaten others into compliance rather than engaging others in dialogue?
  4. you use the media to promote dangerous lifestyles or conceal facts about lifestyles that present a danger to a person's mental and physical well being?
  5. you are willing to destroy the institution of marriage by attempting to redefine marriage to mean anything you want it to?
  6. you attempt to manipulate language so that immoral and unhealthy behaviours are made to appear morally neutral and acceptable?
  7. you think you are superior because you belong to a special interest group that stomps on other people's inalienable rights?
  8. you promote hedonism and entitlement for a few while ignoring the negative impact on society?
  9. you behave like a selfish child and work to destroy helpless children in the womb?
  10. you promote a technology that is faulty (contraception) and which creates a dependance on a more dangerous technology, i.e., abortion?
  11. you promote the use of drugs which kill helpless children in the womb, drugs which harm and kill women?
  12. you promote surgery which harms women physically and destroys a woman's sense of well being, i.e., female genital mutilation?
  13. you promote a political-religious ideology that marginalizes or advocates the killing of non-believers and foments civil unrest?
  14. you abuse human rights tribunals to deprive others of fundamental human rights?


Sign the petition calling for Nanaimo City Council to reverse their illegal decision to ban Christians from public property: CLICK HERE.

UPDATE: 9am PDT 27 June, CFAX Radio News reports weak response by Nanaimo city council. Nanaimo city civic leaders "would do things differently". "Action not intended to discriminate against christians." Is the Council feeling heat over its action to prohibit a christian event?

UPDATE: Nanaimo City News—Full article by Robert Barron CLICK HERE.
Three pastors representing the Nanaimo Evangelical Fellowship - a coalition of local churches - asked council for an apology and a reaffirmation that people of all faiths can use city facilities.

Speaking from a prepared statement Monday, Mayor John Ruttan said people of all faiths are entitled to utilize facilities that are owned or controlled by the City of Nanaimo. The original motion can't be rescinded because it has already been acted upon with the cancellation of the event.

Darcy Siggelkow, lead pastor for Nanaimo's Generations Church, said Tuesday that he's "personally happy" that the mayor and council decided to take this step and reaffirm the rights of people of faith to use city facilities.

"It doesn't take away the divisive nature of the incident. .. but does show an understanding of their actions," he said.

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