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Sunday, June 22, 2014

God rest ye merry gentle man.

You may have heard that the Holy Father has cancelled July events. Do recall that he made a similar reduction to his schedule last July, 2013.

I cannot be alone in noticing that the Holy Father's sciatica has been acting up. The trip to the Holy Land saw him hobbling quite a bit at times. Furthermore, the Holy Father has gained weight since ascending to the throne of Peter. Anyone who is experiencing chronic pain or even acute injury can understand that a loss of mobility typically results in weight gain which further complicates mobility. I may be wrong in the following assumption, but I can imagine that it will be next to impossible to convince this pope to use a rolling platform similar to the one Pope St. John Paul II or Pope-Emeritus Benedict XVI used when they became less mobile.

We must remember, too, that Pope Francis' breathing may be a contributing factor to the decision to take some time off. On several occasions during liturgies, the Holy Father's breathing has been seen to be very laboured. The loss of the ability to breathe normally can really undermine one's overall health and well being. Each time I've had a bout of pneumonia it has taken the wind out of me for weeks. It's like a bus has hit me. No one with an ounce of compassion should fault the Holy Father for taking a break.

Pope Francis, God bless him, has kept a considerably upbeat pace to his papacy. It wouldn't be unreasonable for him to take a month off. There's always the refreshing Castel Gandolfo, the summer abode of popes!

Let us pray to our merciful Lord to sustain Pope Francis and help him recover his strength.

UPDATE: ... and then, like a spring chicken, he leaps from his car to greet people. CLICK HERE to view a video at Fr. MacDonald's blog: Southern Orders/Pope Francis' Roadside Stop

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