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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sexual Assault in Colleges & The Military? Who Knew?! | The Slumbering Mainstream Media

The airwaves have been replete the last couple of days with reports about sexual assaults on campuses and in the military.

Exhausted with punishing the Church to the exclusion of investigating the much more widespread occurrence of sexual abuse in society, the media is turning to investigate colleges and the military.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday that sexual assaults are a threat to both women and men in uniform and that the Pentagon must do more to fight a culture that discourages victims from reporting assaults. (Who created such a culture?)
Thursday, the federal government sent a message that it's taking sexual harassment on college campuses seriously. Education officials released the names of 55 schools facing investigation for their handling of sexual abuse allegations. This comes after the White House issued new guidelines for colleges on Tuesday.

Colleges find themselves increasingly pressed to act as pseudo-courts. Schools have been under fire for discounting complaints, mismanaging cases and meting out punishments that look more like slaps on the wrist. (They're talking about colleges, right, and not some other institution?) By all accounts, there's plenty of room for improvement (...and law suits? Time until the sharks come hunting for legal settlements?— 3,... 2,... 1.).
Still, college discipline procedures can make certain allowances that courts cannot, and school panels can step in when an alleged victim is wary of going to court. (Will colleges be required to report all accusations, not just the incidents they deem credible?)
Too Much For Colleges To Take On? 
Some say it should come as no surprise that college panels — set up to rule on things like whether Johnny plagiarized his history paper — are now bungling cases of serious and sensitive crimes that even courts have trouble with. Colleges are simply in over their heads, says David Lisak, a consultant on campus sexual assault.
So, colleges get a pass for being incompetent while the Church, an evil empire in the minds of the secular media, has had its feet held to the fire and then some? Apparently, the argument which holds that the Church worked on the assumption, promoted by psychologists throughout the 1970s, '80s and even the early 1990s, that pedophiles could be reformed did/does nothing to merit any consideration by the media. Yet, when college panels drop the ball in a day and age when all are supposedly so much more enlightened than our 1970s brethren, NPR and others avoid the obvious criticism. Oh, the poor college panels. They can't be blamed for being "in over their heads". Cut them some slack!—No, not, not ever, never.

Where has the media been for all these many years? To the minuscule minds of the mainstream media types, abuse only happens in churches. How many have suffered greatly because of media silence on the threat posed to children and young people by homosexual predator sports coaches? homosexual predator scout leaders? predator teachers and doctors? predator directors and producers in Hollywood? Perhaps NPR, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and all those three letter media organizations are finally convinced the Catholic Church has dealt with the crisis and they can move on to other fish to fry? Probably not. That would be far too generous a consideration to extend toward the media. You can bet that the first instance of abuse of a child by any priest will likely draw renewed calls for bringing down the Vatican. Lost, of course, will be the humanity of the child subjected to abuse. Meanwhile, the media has largely ignored the United Nations which has been saturated for decades with sexual abuse cases that have left countless staffers who suffered harassment and assault marginalized and the victims of assault by UN peacekeeping forces devastated.

Am I saying that the Church shouldn't have been or continue to be held accountable for shifting around abusive priests, even if in the past we didn't know better? Of course not. Shame on us for allowing predators to persist in our midst. What Pope Benedict called "filth in the Church", i.e., abusive behaviour, must be eradicated. That said, we must also ensure that any priest who is found to have been falsely accused will have his reputation completely restored. Individuals who knowingly make false claims should be exposed and charged accordingly. While priests and others wrongly accused are certainly good to forgive their accusers, justice must be served in order to deter other would-be profiteers from exploiting the Church and distracting the media from attending to the claims of real victims of abuse.

We must be ever vigilant and continue to watch over our children and protect them from predators who infiltrate the precincts of God's Holy Catholic Church and threaten the well being of children and families. The scandal of abuse and the misguided attempts of a few bishops to put image before justice is a cautionary tale that should inform the media's zeal for exposing evils which are immensely more prevalent in the wider community. Every diocese has a policy regarding child protection. Zero tolerance policies are followed to the letter. Any new cases are dealt with swiftly and involve police as soon as a complaint is made. Can public schools, universities and the armed forces say the same? According to NPR, apparently not.

So then—mainstream media folk, get on with the task of reporting the devastation in schools, colleges and the military, i.e., the mishandling of abuse cases by schools, university and military panels. The stories of victims are being heard and the news will undoubtedly barbecue the butts of irresponsible and incompetent college and military administrators, and rightly so. At the same time, the media should take a long, hard look at their own incompetence and/or bias which has allowed them to avoid their due diligence to protect society from a massive threat to the well being of citizens. Is that weak responsibility to report the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth a sign that the media wants to protect its own, to divert attention away from the abuse within its own ranks and the liberal sexual agenda they have promoted which has severely complicated most nations' social ills?

We should not be surprised that sexual abuse is so prevalent. The forces of abuse were unleashed by the sexual liberationists in the 1960s and '70s. There is plenty of blame to go around and much of it should land on the shoulders of academics and social revisionists who advocate(d) for the dismantling of the sexual mores that once protected society from its own naiveté concerning the human potential for irresponsible and criminal behaviour, and protected people from an evil agenda to "liberate" people from sexual responsibility. The price of that evil agenda is the lost innocence of countless children, young people and men and women who have paid a terrible price by having their physical and psychological health exposed to an agenda that accepts and promotes the exploitation of people in order to satisfy other people's disordered inclinations. They placed their trust in corrupt adults whose disordered inclinations were elevated to the status of an alternative lifestyle by fools in academia and government.

The Folly Continues

Recently, the American Psychiatric Association, back-tracked on their position when a new manual appeared to suggest that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. (Was anybody listening in the media when the Church warned this was going to happen when we tolerate other forms of aberrant or deviant behaviour?) The APA characterized the inclusion of pedophilia as a sexual orientation on page 698 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). Meanwhile, the APA persists in wishful thinking when it states:
"We also support continued efforts to develop treatments for those with pedophilic disorder with the goal of preventing future acts of abuse.”
Apparently, the APA has missed the wisdom of the last four decades which should convince even the APA, because it has convinced nearly everyone else, that short of permanent incarceration, pedophile predators will in all likelihood reoffend. The recidivism rate among sex-offenders is a cause for serious concern (click on link: see Recidivism.).

The APA's revision of the DSM-5 is not encouraging:
In the end, however, only a small change was made: “Pedophilia” was changed to “pedophilic disorder,” to conform to other disorders in chapter on paraphilias, the APA said. The “diagnostic criteria essentially remained the same as in DSM-IV-TR,” it added.

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