So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Duty of Catholic Public Servants

A Catholic politician or civil servant has a duty to properly form his or her conscience according to the teaching of the Church in order to properly serve the common good, to promote legislation that protects all life from conception to natural death, and a duty to promote a society founded on the rule of law rooted in the law of God. Any Catholic who says differently is confused or a liar. If she be a liar, then the confessional awaits. If he thinks himself exempt from the duty to serve God's law first, then he is lying to himself and to God.

Any Catholic public servant who says he or she must not impose his or her beliefs on another misses the point of being a Catholic in government. In a democracy, where the exchange of ideas is a hallmark of a free society, a Catholic merits the same opportunity as any other individual to initiate and contribute to legislation based on the moral law.

The Catholic politician's duty is not to vote for legislation that merely appeases the majority, especially if a majority of the population holds to positions that are racist, antihuman and are inherently illogical. The duty of the Catholic public servant is to promote laws and policies that are true and good, and to vote against laws and policies which are evil, e.g., legislation which destroys unborn life, promotes violence and/or promotes immorality. For example, the slogan "personally opposed to abortion" is a hollow verbal and mental gymnastic which avoids the implications of the Catholic Faith handed on to us by the Apostles and neglects to consider the consequences of promoting unjust laws. Catholics have a duty to shape legislation and policy so that laws conform to the natural law, which is itself a mirror of the divine Law.

No public square is a naked public square. Naked, as in there being a freedom 'from' religion, i.e., the free exercise of religion by religious people. The public square is a vacuum into which any idea, perverse or positive, can be poured. Those who insist on denying the unborn the inalienable right to life appear to experience little internal conflict when attempting to deny fundamental rights to others, e.g., freedom of conscience and freedom of religion. It is, after all, all about power and the misuse thereof in order to suppress any opposition to the promotion of, for example, licentious and a theft of innocence. The internet has exposed exactly how corrupt modern man is. The web is routinely filled with daily news reports of individuals arrested for proffering images of exploited adults and children.

The Church's social doctrine is the only body of thought that is capable of supporting authentic democracy and its increase. The Constitution of the United States, magnificent document that it is, will not be respected nor authentically interpreted unless politicians are oriented to the mindset which produced the documents in the first place. That is, a Judeo-Christian ethos. The Catholic Church's expression of that Judeo-Christian heritage is the clearest and most thorough presentation of that heritage. The Church's teaching produces better citizens than atheistic secular philosophies. One need only take note of the stark contrast between societies which have embraced a militant secularism in the past, e.g., the former Soviet Union and currently North Korea (DPRK), and western societies that value fundamental freedoms but which, forced to embrace the ideologies imposed by militant secularists, are beginning to collapse. Look at Britain and most, if not all, of the Scandinavian countries.
  • Immigration and social(ist) policies are failing, ghettos are emerging and immigrants are engaging in violence to impose a radical islamist ideology on states that have opened their doors to suffering peoples.
  • Those same suffering peoples, i.e., people who suffered in their former Middle-eastern and African homelands, are now inflicting suffering on the western societies which have offered refuge.
  • The states which have welcomed immigrants from warring states have provided comprehensive welfare and free medical and educational support.
  • The welcoming states are now rife with immigrant violence: e.g., a huge increase in rape of Swedish women; violent demonstrations seeking the imposition of shari'a law while flouting the law of the land; destruction of property; exclusion of indigenous populations from muslim dominated communities; and so forth.
The melting pot philosophy is working alright—the pot is melting.

Democracy, a true and lasting democracy that protects the weak and shelters the homeless and educates its citizens because it is not only practical but morally right to do so, depends on people who are themselves virtuous and know how to promote the common good. Virtuous people, guardians of democracy, work to root out corruption when evil infects government and law enforcement.

A Catholic public servant is a Catholic first, and a government employee (or police officer, soldier, teacher, etc.) second. To surrender his or her convictions, convictions which should conform to the teaching of the Catholic Church, which is the teaching of Jesus Christ, is to place his or her soul in grave danger. Furthermore, an errant Catholic public servant bears the added culpability of endangering the soul of anyone who follows his or her example of dissent.

No one can serve two masters. Serve God in all things and give to God what is His in the first place. Our entire lives belong to God and we shall not find rest until we give our lives entirely to Jesus Christ.

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