Sunday, May 29, 2016

Nice (c)atholics say the darndest things.


The identity of the celebrated utterer of the quoted phrases is just a mouse click away.

“... obsessed, scrupulous, self-appointed, nostalgia-hankering virtual guardians of faith or of liturgical practices...”
I don’t like dedicated, articulate, responsible, Tradition-minded Catholics who strive to live the Faith without compromise.
“... trolling pontiffs and holy executioners!”
I don’t like people who challenge me and who call me out when I advocate error.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cardinal Sarah on Ad Orientem worship.

Once again, His Eminence Robert Cardinal Sarah (RCS) calls on Catholics to observe the true intent of the Second Vatican Council.
The Vatican’s liturgy chief has called on priests to celebrate Mass facing east.
In an interview with the French Catholic magazine Famille Chrétienne, Cardinal Robert Sarah said that the Second Vatican Council did not require priests to celebrate Mass facing the people.
This way of celebrating Mass, he said, was “a possibility, but not an obligation”.
Readers and listeners should face each other during the Liturgy of the Word, he said.
“But as soon as we reach the moment when one addresses God – from the Offertory onwards – it is essential that the priest and faithful look together towards the east. This corresponds exactly to what the Council Fathers wanted.”
Cardinal Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, rejected the argument that priests celebrating Mass facing east are turning their backs on the faithful “or against them”.
Rather, he said, all are “turned in the same direction: towards the Lord who comes” (mystically from the East, the direction of the rising sun which symbolizes the Son Who will, according to Scripture and Tradition, return from the East).
“It is legitimate and complies with the letter and spirit of the Council,” he said. “As prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, I wish to recall that the celebration versus orientem is authorised by the rubrics, which specify the times when the celebrant must turn to the people. It is therefore not necessary to have special permission to celebrate facing the Lord.”
Cardinal Sarah’s remarks echo an article he wrote a year ago for L’Osservatore Romano, in which he said it was “altogether appropriate, during the penitential rite, the singing of the Gloria, the orations and the Eucharistic prayer, that everyone, priest and faithful, turn together toward the East, so as to express their intention to participate in the work of worship and redemption accomplished by Christ.”
Dear priests and bishops who do not currently celebrate Mass according to the ancient and enduring example of authentic Catholic worship, please return to the ad orientem worship of God. The innovation which has crept in, while acknowledged as permissible by the Cardinal Prefect, was never the norm of Catholic worship. Face the Lord!

From the French interview:
Dans l’esprit de beaucoup, le changement d’orientation de l’autel est lié à Vatican II. Est-ce vrai ?
RCS—Plus de cinquante ans après la clôture de Vatican II, il devient urgent que nous lisions ses textes! Le Concile n’a jamais demandé de célébrer face au peuple! Cette question n’est pas même abordée par la constitution Sacrosanctum concilium… Bien plus, les Pères du Concile voulaient souligner la nécessité pour tous d’entrer en participation du mystère célébré. Dans les années qui ont suivi Vatican II, l’Église a cherché les moyens de mettre en œuvre cette intuition.
In the minds of many, the altar's orientation change is related to Vatican II. Is it true?
RCS—More than fifty years after the close of Vatican II, it is urgent that we read its texts! The Council never asked (priests) to celebrate (Mass) facing the people! This issue is not even addressed by the constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium ... Moreover, the Council Fathers wished to emphasize the need for all to enter into participation (participatio actuosa) of the mystery celebrated. In the years since Vatican II, the Church has sought ways to implement this intuition.
The restoration of ad orientem worship would go a long way toward overcoming the cult of personality centred on the priest and focussed on the congregation. Both distortions enabled by versus populum (facing the people) worship tend to dominate Catholic worship and distract people from offering their fullest attention to the Lord.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Deca-dance: media muddling.

Romans during the Decadence, by Thomas Couture | Wikipedia

People of goodwill have given members of the mainstream media (MM) every opportunity to behave like responsible citizens who should, by virtue of their office in a free and responsible democracy, serve the common good. Sadly, the MM routinely manage the news, that is, shape the news, in order to further agendas which any rational person possessing an ounce of common sense would and does find unacceptable in a free democracy that depends on the accurate transmission of the facts. The fair dissemination of ideas permits those ideas to be properly evaluated. Those ideas deemed to be of benefit to man and which respect the fundamental dignity of human beings can then be implemented in a prudent and timely manner. Unfortunately, so called progressives and their media allies have created an uneven playing field. Ideas formerly considered morally repugnant—abortion, adultery, eugenics, etc.—are denied criticism by those who own the media in order to enable a license to do whatever they deem pleasurable and thus permissible. Disordered inclinations drive the modern media and too few citizen consumers of information lack the intellectual fortitude to pursue truth and thereby overcome the propaganda offered them.

All the news that is fit to... sell.

A leftist for-profit media routinely uses fear mongering, a selective reading of data, cropping stories for effect, and burying facts that contradict liberal/progressive agendas among insignificant or distracting details to assuage damage.

Buyer beware.

The for-profit media, which include the public media, are very much in the habit of selling the news. The public media, however, cannot admit that they sell the news as much as their commercial competitors do lest they surrender their supposed moral authority in the media marketplace.

Other than those rare moments when journalists do something useful such as exposing malfeasance or corruption or drawing attention to some verified medical breakthrough, the media do precious little to temper the common perception, now confirmed by several robust longitudinal studies, that the so-called mainstream media actually serve first and foremost their own and elitist interests that fall squarely under the "progressive" or liberal banner.
NPR (National Pretense Radio)

Hiroshima and Nagasaki Miracles

Hiroshima | AP/Catholic Herald

Hiroshima and Nagasaki will forever be associated with the advent of the atomic age and the nuclear arms race. There, at those two places, hellfire visited earth. 

The people of those two devastated cities paid for the sins of their leaders who mercilessly attacked Pearl Harbour and many Asia-Pacific nations. The ambition of a ruthless generation was halted by the application of a terrifying justice, a retributive act that should never be applied again to any nation.

The thought of a global or even a regional exchange of nuclear weapons and the nightmarish consequences that would follow should convince every nation and individual to abandon ambitious and hostile behaviour which risks ending millions if not billions of lives, not to mention the harm to countless species and the contamination of the earth and atmosphere that would plague the planet for innumerable generations.

'Miracle' is not the word one would immediately associate with the first and second atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

While the secular media fixates on the Obama visit to Hiroshima, it might be worth reflecting on miraculous events that occurred at the time of the bomb blasts in order to derive a message of hope amidst the darkness that inhabits the human heart which, untouched by the Gospel, can grow into a horrifying monster that consumes entire nations.

The miracle of the survivors of the Hiroshima bomb who prayed the Holy Rosary.
The Jesuits priests Hugo Lassalle, Hubert Schiffer, Wilhelm Kleinsorge, and Hubert Cieslik were at the rectory of the church of Our Lady of the Assumption, one of the few buildings that resisted the bomb blast.—CNA