So then, brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter (2 Thess. 2:15). Guard what has been entrusted to you. Avoid the godless chatter and contradictions of what is falsely called knowledge, for by professing it some have missed the mark as regards faith (1 Tim. 6:21-22).

Monday, June 26, 2017

History Re-made: Hawaii.

Do not be surprised to find detestable liberal revisionism alive and well on Maui. A congregation of witnesses confirms that it is the common practice of a certain Maui priest, a priest-in-residence at St Teresa's Parish, Kihei, to modify prayers of the Mass to the point of constantly and awkwardly stumbling over his improvisations, his habitual adding to and subtracting from the text of the Mass so that it fits his distorted, i.e., anarchic view of the way things should be.

That said priest is practicing his twisted form of evangelization by remaining at a hub of influence, i.e., at a crossroads parish where tourists and travellers from all parts of the world attend Mass because of its proximity to a relatively large tourist centre, is an obvious and feeble attempt to spread his bile by a most efficient means with as little effort required. Heretics seem to be skilled at knowing where and when to do the most damage with the least investment possible.

I must increase; Christ must decrease.

Why the antics of the said priest-in-residence are tolerated is beyond any reasonable person's guess.
  1. Changing the words of consecration to "for all", ignoring the restoration of "for many".
  2. As mentioned, modifying prayers, playing loosely with the letter of the Mass, accompanying said modifications with the worst kind of manneristic, highly affected speech that merely draws attention to his personality (which saturates the Liturgy).
  3. Using every prayer to reinforce his agenda of a Me-centred pipeline spirituality. 
  4. Denigrating an Apostle of the Church, i.e., Saint Paul, by calling his writings "too complicated", "unnecessarily complex" and, expressing himself with a tone of contempt that turned heads in the pews yesterday, accusing the Apostle of "sounding like he's teaching a theology lecture", and justifying his accusation by recalling his seminary days when he was "forced to study Saint Paul".
  5. Not managing even to bow at the Consecration. He manages to prance around the "nave" of the church during the homily. Yet, he cannot genuflect or bow during the holiest moments of the Mass as prescribed by the rubrics? If he had a physical impediment to genuflecting, his reasons for avoiding due reverence of the Body and Blood of Christ are undermined by his ease of movement around the church.
  6. His frequent gesturing to stand or sit. Given his controlling attitude toward the Mass, it is reasonable to conclude that his need for control extends toward the congregation.
The liberal has no justification for his tinkering. That people tolerate his imposition of his personal baggage upon a parish convinces him that his teaching is relevant when, in fact, his verbal sewage spoken in an impudent tone is merely another reminder that long ago he missed the cue to retire.

A one-legged sparrow.

I observed a one-legged sparrow for a few minutes today. It bounded about with energy. It was eyeing a family dropping bits of nacho chips as they picnicked at poolside. As it attempted to stand still, wobbling and forced to crouch down as it was nearly toppled by unpredictable gusts of wind, it waited for the opportunity to sneak up on the buffet being scattered by the breeze.

The sparrow did not complain about its condition. Its entire right leg was missing. It did not appear to be in any pain. Was it a congenital deffect? Was it a casualty of some confrontation?

The sparrow's patience and stealth paid off. It made off with several large bits. Large, compared to a sparrow's mouth.

Victoria, BC, 125th Anniversary Celebration: EF Mass. Post celebration reflection.

Rearranged altar (Photo courtesy of KG, FSSP)

According to a seminarian well known to this blogger, and a local priest who also attended, the EF Mass at Saint Andrew's Cathedral in the Diocese of Victoria, BC, was a complete success.

Paraphrasing the comments of an eyewitness:
The cathedral was mostly full. Afterwards, many people were commenting that they wished Mass was celebrated like this more often.
A seed of Beauty, Truth and Goodness planted? Yes, it certainly seems so.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

New Priest for Diocese of Victoria, BC: Rev. Fr. Michael Tran.

Photo: Connie Dunwoody

For the article and images concerning the Ordination (Ordinary Form), Saturday, June 10, 2017 of Fr. Tran, click on the link below:

A New Word for Rebels

delete + elitist
  1. referring to an approach, attitude or behaviour that seeks to eliminate the True, the Good and the Beautiful.
  2. a person who behaves in a deletist manner; plural: deletists. Deletists, typically, are historical revisionists and moral relativists. Deletists cannot tolerate challenges to their misguided assumptions. They tend to bully others into submission because they have little or no justification for their deletist behaviour. See also iconoclast.
It was clear that the Chair of the Liturgy Committee, by removing all the statues from the church, had acted in a deletist manner.
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